The Cyclotron Library is Complete !



Thank you to all of those that helped bring this 15+ year quest to an end. Our Cyclotron Library now has a complete hardbound collection of proceedings from all of the cyclotron conference held to-date. To our knowledge this is the only complete set (there are probably others, but only a few at best). Contributions to this collection have come from all over: literally as nearby as the office next door to mine and as far away as Europe and Asia, and everywhere in between. There is a funny story associated with getting each one! This collection best documents the evolution into the cyclotron technology that we have today. It is inspiring to see how far the 'founders' of AVF got by struggling with hand calculations in the early days (1959) and how now such design has simply become nonchalant computer simulation runs. Yet, with even with sophisticated computer tools, it is still clear that successful cyclotron design remains an artform. Please feel free to contact us if you need a copy of an article or two. Only about five of these volumes have been digitized, they are available online at under 'cyclotrons.'