The Rutgers 12-inch cyclotron is located in the Modern Physics Lab of the Physics Department at Rutgers University.

The Cyclotron is used as on of the "Topics for Exploration" in undergrad courses 387, 388, 389, and the graduate course 506.



  • Fred Niell built a homemade cyclotron and used it to win the 1994 ISEF and a trip to see the Nobel Prize Ceremonies.
  • The Cyclotron Kids AKA, Heidi Baumgartner and Peter Heuer are two talented high school students building their own cyclotron at J-Lab !
  • Leslie Dewan began a cyclotron while an undergrad nuclear engineering student at MIT.
  • James Kwolik has a bunch of parts for his cyclotron already and is almost there !
  • Raymond Jimenez has made plans to build, not a cyclotron, but a synchrotron.
  • Chris Olsen also built a homemade cyclotron and several linear accelerators.
  • Barry Thomas King's senior thesis on building a permanent magnet cyclotron in 2002.
  • Jeff C. Smith built a cyclotron for his senior thesis at Knox College in 2001.
  • Carl Willis has not built a cyclotron, but he is an accelerator guy and needs to be known !
  • Boys Build a Cyclotron, obviously not a PC title; girls can build cyclotrons too !
  • Moon-Jhong Rhee participated in building cyclotron in black and white days - his office is in the next building over. I should meet him !
  • Albert Swank built a homemade cyclotron for a science fair project at 17, then in 2005 he wanted to get a surplus PET cyclotron.
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