19 Inch Cyclotron Magnet Restoration

Here we go again...

We are never done! Introducing out latest cyclotron project - a 19.5 inch cyclotron.

Fig. 1 The vision (by Tim & Tim).


Fig. 2 Our progress towards the vision.


Fig. 3 We started with this old 12,000 pound magnet from 1947.


Fig. 4 Split the yoke into its two halves to remove the coils.


Fig. 5 Taking the coils off.


Fig. 6 Taking the coils off.


Fig. 7 Taking the coils off.


Fig. 8 The coils are off to reveal a solid yoke/pole tip assembly.


Fig. 9 A close up.




Fig. 10 Onto the next half.




Fig. 11 Set side-by-side 


Fig. 12 Coil inspection.

Fig. 13 It does not look good.

Fig. 14 This coil weighs 1,000 lbs.

Fig. 15 Against the 12-inch magnet for comparison.

Fig. 16 Electrically, they test fine.

Fig. 17 They clean up nice too, but the cooling lines...

Fig. 18 Making the magnet table.

Fig. 19 Four-inch square tubing

Fig. 20 Enie's welds

Fig. 21 The frame coming together nicely.

Fig. 22 The table is done!

Fig. 23 Three proud amigos

Fig. 24 The magnet yoke upon the table.

Fig. 25 The magnet air gap is 3-inches

Fig. 26 This is the Harvard 95-inch cyclotron, compare it to the next photo.

Fig. 27 Amazing, no? Our 19-inch cyclotron magnet was delivered by GE in Oct 1947, the Harvard magnet was delivered by GE two months later

Fig. 28 Tim, Tim the elder, T

Fig. 29 Tim, Tim the younger, t