Thank you to all of those that helped bring this 15+ year quest to an end. Our Cyclotron Library now has a complete hardbound collection of proceedings from all of the cyclotron conference held to-date. To our knowledge this is the only complete set (there are probably others, but […]

The Cyclotron Library is Complete !

The beam was intense! So intense that the phosphor target glowed bright enough to illuminate Tim's face through a view port.

Beam on Target!

A very interesting observation was made during the operation of the cyclotron last December. With the presure high enough, recombination allowed us to see the early ion beam path of it's steep downward spiral (and loss). For detailed information, please read the Ion Source Studies - Part II: Simulations and […]

First half of ion revolution visually seen!

THESE ARE NOT OSCILLOSCOPE IMAGES! The sinusoidal traces are from the ion beam hitting a viewing screen.We replaced the typical ion source chimney with a 3-holed chimney, essentially giving us three separate ion sources. The resultant image on the fluorescent screen is that of several betatron patterns horizontally stacked. Analysis of […]

A Betatron Motion Experiment

Here's a fun article by Fermilab's Danielle Venton: "The Many Lives of Fermi's Magnet", in which Tim Koeth appears relaxing between the poles. This dwarfs our little 12-inch magnet.  

The Many Lives of Fermi's Magnet